Naval Academy brings back celestial navigation courses

Imagine life without GPS. For those of us old enough, that might not be hard to do. For younger people, it’s almost unimaginable. Now imagine that GPS — for whatever reason — is suddenly unavailable. What if you’re not on land, where printed maps are filled with landmarks? What else do you rely on? Before [...]

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Like humans, lowly cockroach uses a GPS to get around, scientists find by Staff Writers

Rats, men and cockroaches appear to have a similar GPS in their heads that allows them to navigate new surroundings, researchers at Case Western Reserve University report. The finding, published in journal Current Biology, is likely an example of convergent evolution - that is, distinct animals developed similar systems to manage the same problems. Due [...]

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India to Provide Cost Incentives to Use Homemade Version of GPS

According to official sources, India's government is exploring several options, including reduced charges for air navigation services. The Indian government may soon announce incentives to airline operators for installing the locally developed Aided Geo Augmented Navigation system (GAGAN). The aviation ministry, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Airports Authority of India are [...]

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Vista Track GPS Life is about working smarter and not harder.  Our job at Vista Track GPS is to make your life easier as a business owner and that is why we have developed software for ELogging. The ELogging software can help keep your costs down and keep your fleet on schedule. Easily put your [...]

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Vista Track GPS has You Covered

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‘Pokémon Go’ Players Are Spoofing GPS Locations to Catch’ Em All

Pokémon Go has only been available in the United States for a day, but already intrepid players are finding ways to cheat the game. By tricking a phone’s built-in GPS into providing a false set of coordinates, unethical Pokétrainers who would definitely be members of Team Rocket are tricking Pokémon Go into letting them visit [...]

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Rio Olympics clean up bay with GPS, helicopters

Before each day of Olympic sailing kicks off, an air and water team is gathering any floating rubbish in Rio de Janeiro’s Guanabara Bay. Helicopters circling above spot floating trash and send GPS coordinates to trash-collecting boats that sweep up the debris, reports the Associated Press. Other stop-gaps to enable sailing in the polluted bay include floating barriers to keep rubbish from [...]

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Vista Track GPS : The Leader in GPS Tracking

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GPS Tracker; 2G to 3G GPS Conversion is Just A Few Months Away and Set to begin January,1 2017

The 2G network has been operational for over 20 years and now it’s time for an upgrade. Just like any other technology, technology becomes outdated and new technology arises that is bigger, better, stronger and faster The GPS industry will soon start to contact customers that they will be affected by the 2G closure. To [...]

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GPS Tracker; Sex Offenders Monitored by GPS Found to Commit Fewer Crimes

A study of California high-risk sex offenders on parole found that those placed on GPS monitoring had significantly lower recidivism rates than those who received traditional supervision. Researchers examined the effectiveness of using GPS to monitor high-risk sex offenders placed on parole in California. The NIJ-sponsored study included 516 high-risk parolees who had been released [...]

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