VistaTrackGPS vehicle tracking software combines real-time robust functionality with a simple, intuitive interface. Monitoring and dispatching your vehicles has never been so easy.


Our dashboard interface affords you a live view of your fleet in real time. We provide our clients the tools to take full control of their fleet from one screen.

Variable windows called “viewlets” provide insight via real time mapping, vehicle location, alerts, graphs and messages. The viewlets may be moved around the screen, customizing you complete dashboard experience.

All your fleet management can be handled from your customized interface. Scheduling reports, setting up alerts or administering your vehicles.

dashboard-001 dashboard-002

  • 25+ configurable Viewlets available
  • Select from 1 to 4 columns with varying widths and heights
  • Select your Viewlets with personal options and save your customization
  • Select a single vehicle to follow or groups of vehicles to view on screen
  • Select icons, address markers, speed and time variables for your customization
  • Save individual dashboard layouts with all your options exactly as you deigned
  • We allow as many as 50 complete dashboard configurations to be saved per-user

Browser-based Mapping (Powered by Google Maps)

  • View full screen or in viewlets mini maps mode
  • Map views are: standard, satellite and hybrid with traffic, and street view
  • View vehicle groups and icon shapes with group clustering
  • Search bar to filter vehicles, drivers, or statuses
  • Quick click access to location, simple address creation and driving directions with messaging, and historic vapor trails

3D Google Earth Mapping

  • Use Google Earth for fleet location and playback history, and to visualize reports
  • Allows for thousands of vehicles and address markers
  • A number of reports export to Google Earth 3D for a unique analysis of your fleet’s speeding, off-hours usage and idling.
  • Run historical playback in a time lapse video within Google Earth
  • “Street View” capability allows for a realistic view of where your vehicles are with street level photos

Mobile Mapping

  • Available for all smart devices
  • Support for Google Maps App or browser-based mapping

Send alert messages to yourself, supervisors, and even the drivers via text message or email.
Alerts can be customize by selecting certain vehicles, specific times, a date range, in/out of certain alert zones or in any combination of these options


The VistaTrack reporting system provides, on screen and automated downloadable reporting that ensures you have the information needed, when you need it. These reports improve efficiency, reduces operating costs, extends the life cycle of all your fleet vehicles and assets.


Here are a few of the key features:

  • Points of interest (POI’s) mark locations for alerting, allowing for reports to be more intuitive and provide better information
  • Create alerts that notify you when a vehicle enters or leaves a jobsite or customer’s place of business
  • Use polygonal geofencing to define your address markers using satellite maps
  • Import up to 1,000 POI’s at a time from an Excel spreadsheets
  • Create an address marker or POI from a vehicle’s location on a map instantaneously
  • Address markers are used in many viewlets including dispatch and “Closest To”

With our VistaTrack GPS Fleet Tracking Solution, you don’t have to be chained to your desk to stay up to date with your fleet operations. On any smart device, you can view vehicle location and status, send messages and receive alerts,and much more.

Vistatrackgps Mobile

  • Monitor fleet location and current status
  • View in standard, satellite, and hybrid maps
  • See location with Google Street View
  • “Follow” vehicles in real-time
  • Receive alerts when a vehicle stops or moves
  • See closest vehicles to your location, to other vehicles, to POI’s
  • Get directions to/from vehicles

Google Maps for Mobile

  • Available for smart devices
  • Supports map, satellite, and hybrid views
  • See your vehicle locations and stop times
  • Get directions to/from those vehicles

What is Integration?
Integration is combining individual computing systems or software applications into a single access platform, for maximum user efficiency

What are the Benefits?
Integrating GPS data with other business software’s is beneficial to you because it provides a complete view into your fleet operations. By combining data from different sources in the format you need, you have better information to make better business decisions.

The Types of Integration that VistaTrack GPS offers:

API’s: API’s or Application Program Interface provides communication to push or pull data about your fleet between our servers and your back-end computer systems; Dispatch, CRM,etc. These require someone on your end that is familiar with them, you IT guy. The most common API requested is to send vehicle/ asset location information only.

GIS Map Overlays: Map overlays or GIS maps are business specific mapping information that is layered into our tracking applications mapping. This way you can view business specific things such as power lines, pipelines or well sites and your vehicles at the same time.

Data dump or download: Data Dump takes information from two systems and brings them together on a set scheduled to provide a report or summary of the information. The fuel card report is a perfect example of this type of integration. All fuel card data is sent to VistaTrack and matched up daily with vehicle location data to determine possible fuel card fraud.


VistaTrackGPS offers a variety of outlets to communicate with your fleet.

SMS Messaging to/from Dispatch

  • Send and receive text messages to and from drivers via any mobile device
  • Send and receive text messages to and from drivers via Garmin Integration
  • Message via the Dashboard viewlet, links within the maps, or the messaging interface

Text Queries (use text messages instead of a web interface)

  • Send a text query from your mobile device for instant vehicle location and status (via 477477)
  • Create POI’s, find the closest vehicles and even set alerts
  • Standard text message rates apply

If you need it, we have it.

You need to have access to the historical data of your fleet to compare and analyze potential issues and insure savings to the bottom line. Some fleet managers only need a few months or weeks of history, but others need to go back years, we can accommodate both.

Fleet owners value our unlimited historical data for these reasons:

Potential Billing Disputes

Go back as far as you need to verify time on the job-site or in a specific location.

Documenting Employee Behavior

Management can check historical data to prove or disprove driver issues.

Comparative Analysis

Business owners can compare data that was reported on, as far back as they would like and see year to year data to analyze savings.

Fleet Compliance

Provide proof that a fleet is compliant with laws, regulations and company policies.

Legal Standing

Prove a driver was wrongfully given a ticket or provide evidence in court of legal action.

VistaTrackGPS offers 3-years of vehicle history standard, not your typical 90-days like our “competition”. If a customer requests more than 3-years, VistaTrackGPS can provide it at no additional cost.


Send optimized stops and messages via Garmin navigation device. Integrate with Garmin PND’s to dispatch and communicate with your fleet.


Hierarchy Capabilities significantly improve the way you manage large groups of vehicles.

Large companies tend to have divisions and branches, as well as multiple types of vehicle functions. These divisional structures can be easily managed through the assignment of vehicles, users, drivers, and landmarks within VistaTrackGPS.

  • View and create a divisional Hierarchy,based from the company hierarchy, vehicle type hierarchy, or any other type which might apply to your company
  • Hierarchies simplify the management and use of our system, particularly for enterprise level implementations
  • Create/edit your hierarchy for easy organization of your enterprise fleet
  • Assign and un-assign vehicles, landmarks, and drivers by dragging and dropping
  • Reports and alerts can be set up once to go to the appropriate people throughout your organization for their vehicles only…Sales manager gets sales reports only

Integrate your fuel cards with VistaTrack GPS for higher visibility.

VistaTrackGPS customers who have Wright Express (WEX), Fleetcor, Comdata, or Speedway fuel cards can generate reports based on all fuel card transactions, and see flagged activity where a specified vehicle was not present for the associated fuel purchase.

Analyze fuel card activity with these Reports:

  • Fuel Card Transactions – Details about each fuel transaction to help audit card usage
  • Fuel Card Usage – Summarized fuel efficiency and fuel consumption
  • State Mileage – Vehicle mileage and fuel transactions organized by state, make your tax reporting easier

VistaTrackGPS customers pay nothing for this valuable functionality. If you are not a WEX, Fleetcor, Comdata, or Speedway customer, let us know and we will get you the necessary materials to become one – free of charge!

If you are a current customer or would like more information about fuel card tracking, please contact us for more information


Driver ID allows you to track Drivers in each Vehicle.


Any activity performed by the vehicle during the time a driver was keyed in will be associated with that driver for reporting purposes. Mapping displays driver information, and alerts/messaging will have the driver’s contact information as an override to the default vehicle information

  • Driver-Specific Reports – View idling, speeding, miles driven, stops, POI’s visits, and off-hours reports by driver, not by vehicle
  • Administrative Control – Set up which drivers are assigned to which vehicles
  • Accountability – View which vehicle was driven by which driver at a particular time (e.g. for toll violations, parking violations and customer complaints)
    Driver Assignment – Drivers can be assigned to a vehicle in 5 different ways; manual (via the web interface), key-fob reader in the vehicle (optional), sending the Driver ID via Garmin and via Text message (API required)

driver-ID-01 driver-ID-02