GPS-DevicesHere are a few of the ways that a GPS Tracker and Tracking System will help your business save money and time.
• Fast and Efficient Scheduling: The live mapping data, displays where drivers are and who is free to take the next call. Don’t call every driver to see who is free and ready for the next job. With a tracking system using a GPS tracker, your team can schedule a job while the customer is still on your phone.

• Stop the “between 12 and 5” service wait time. Everyone hates the uncertainty of when the tech will arrive. “We will be by sometime between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m.” People have lives and don’t want to waste their precious time waiting on your staff. If you don’t provide a better customer experience here with exact arrival times or smaller windows of time, eventually your competition will advertise that they can, by using a GPS tracker in their fleet.

• Efficient employees: A GPS tracker platform is a way to reveal if an employee is doing what they should be doing when they say they are doing it. All businesses know how important it is for their employee to be working a full day for a full day’s pay. A GPS tracker can make everyone accountable for their time and work product. “If I am paying for 8 hours work, I want 8 hours of work” simple concept that can be readily proven with this type of platform.

• Reduction on insurance cost: GPS trackers and a tracking system can offer insurance customers a premium reduction. Insurance companies know that with a GPS tracker in their car, an employee’s liability is reduced by slower driving and less personal trips. This cost savings will add directly to any business’ bottom line. Not all insurance companies reduce premiums with a tracking system, so check to see if this savings is available to you through your company plan.

• Reduce maintenance costs: No maintenance cost would be awesome! But realistically that is not going to happen. So to keep those cost down, you can use your GPS tracking platform. A GPS tracker and the reporting that comes with it will save a lot of stress by providing maintenance alerts that will prompt a manager to have the routine maintenance done on each fleet vehicle. Be that oil change, tire rotation or any other time or mileage sensitive maintenance. Prevent a problem, don’t pay for one! If you as a business owner or manager can keep up with these areas, you can prevent them from becoming problems in the future. Save yourself time and money with a simple solution.

These are by no means all of the savings that a GPS tracker with a true tracking system can provide to you, but they are a few of the easiest to fix that will help you run your business more efficiently and provide that ”Best in Class” customer service that all of us love.