Top 10 reasons for a GPS Tracking System

What is your reasoning for looking at a GPS Tracker and tracking platform? Past problems? Efficiency? Accountability? Reliability? Uncontrolled Expenses?  Many companies have many varying reason for implementing a system, here are our Top 10 in no particular order.


  1. Reduced fuel cost: Because employees are more accountable and driving slower, and less likely to make “personal side trips” fuel waste is reduced thus reducing your overall cost. We have heard of 25% reduction first month out alone.
  2. Increased productivity in the field: Accountability, the job is being done right and in an efficient manner. Get that extra call in, or stop that extra “playtime”…bottom line, they are more productive and you spend less on their wasted time.
  1. Better Customer Service: Your in house staff will have a handle on where drivers are located and which are available to take on a new jobs. No more calling their phones and getting a questionable response or voicemail. You can tell the customer that your guy is 3 blocks away and will be there in 5 minutes.
  2. Maintenance reliability: Maintenance alerts will let you know it is time for that oil change, tire rotation or even tag renewal. Never worry if your guy remembered to change that oil. Now you are in control of making sure he knows.
  3. Loss Prevention: With a GPS Tracker installed, you know at all times where that vehicle, trailer or tractor etc. is located. If it is ever stolen, notify the police of its location and you get you stuff back.
  4. Possible Insurance Reduction: Check with your insurance provider to see if discounts are available once you start using GPS tracking. Insurance companies know that with GPS monitoring that risk are reduced. Employees drive slower and less miles and off hours, reducing their exposure.   Find out from your provider today.
  5. Reducing labor cost: Using GPS tracking allows your employees to get to their destinations more efficiently. Reducing driving time, less money spent paying for drive time. Maybe even one more service call a day, adding straight to your bottom line.
  6. Responsible employees: When a GPS tracker is installed, drivers tend to be more accountable to driving limits and safety. Not knowing if the boss is watching, they are less likely to push past posted speeds. This leads to a safer trip with a reduced risk for accidents.
  7. Automated time and record keeping. No more waiting on billing sheets and trying to verify their accuracy……..on the job for an hour, bill for an hour.
  8. All around peace of mind! If you want to know or need to know, the system is always ready to work for you!