A GPS Tracker,  Let the system work for you!

It’s not only smart to have a system in place to help your business, it’s efficient!  GPS tracker technology can do many things to make your life a little easier.

Stop spending countless, tiresome hours keeping manual records for mileage reporting and hourly invoicing.  The Vista Track GPS tracker solutions can simplify the process for you by keeping track of your valuable information. You can run reports or have them scheduled to run nightly to access times, dates and accurate hours worked on a project for proper billing. A Vista Track GPS trackers can help you save time which we all know is a vital aspect of business, because as they say, time is the only commodity that you cannot replace.

A Vista Track GPS tracker can help your business by tracking information about your fleet vehicles, like logging odometer readings.  Vista Track GPS can give you a reading of vehicle odometers for your entire fleet in real-time. Also, it can be time consuming to stay on keep track of vehicle maintenance, we can also help you in this area by scheduling and sending vehicle service reminders via text or email

Lastly, a Vista Track GPS tracker can improve your customer service skills. If a customer has an emergency you want to make sure you can respond rapidly. Having your fleet information handy allows your dispatcher to know which vehicle is closest to the customer in need, saving time, and providing that excellent customer service.

Working smart and having a system that works for you is what a Vista Track  GPS tracker can offer you.

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